Sunday, February 5, 2012

MDS FREE 30-day trial...

Hey there my fellow inky fingered babes, have I got news for YOU!!  First let me apologize for not getting this to you sooner but I was having such a hard time with my website (seems I didn't have the appropriate version of Internet Explorer to make it function) I was afraid to link you into something that didn't work.
Stampin Up announced that you can give MDS (My Digital Studio) and test drive for 30 days!!!   All you have to do is click on the Shop Now tab and enter item # 129600 to start.

My Digital Studio Express Trial FAQ

Q: How long can we take advantage of the My Digital Studio Express trial?
A: This is an ongoing offer. We want all our customers to be able to try My Digital Studio.
Q: What digital content comes with the My Digital Studio Express Trial?A: My Digital Studio Express includes one stamp brush set, 12 Designer Series Paper patterns, 81 embellishments, 26 punches, and 5 designer templates. You can view a list of the included content here.
Q: What's the difference between My Digital Studio and My Digital Studio Express?A: My Digital Studio Express is My Digital Studio software that you can download directly to your computer without having to wait for discs to be shipped to you. The program functionality is exactly the same as the disc version of the software with less digital content. (To see what content is included in My Digital Studio Express, click here.)  You can watch a quick video explaining the difference between My Digital Studio and My Digital Studio Express here.
Q: Do I have to have access to the Internet to use the trial?A: Yes.  You need access to the Internet both to place your order and to download the program.
Q: Can I get the My Digital Studio Express Trial on a disc?
A: No. The My Digital Studio Express Trial is only available as a download over the Internet. However, the file is not large, so even if you have a dial-up internet connection, you will still be able to download the program.
Q: What are the system requirements to use My Digital Studio?A: You can see the system requirements for My Digital Studio here.
Q: How do my customers order the My Digital Studio Express Trial?
A: Your customers can order My Digital Studio Express through your online store.  Click here They can order the free trial by itself, or they can add it to an order with stamping supplies or digital downloads. If the My Digital Studio Express Trial is the only item they order, they will not be asked for any credit card or payment information. If they are new customers, they will need to create an account.
Q: How do I install the My Digital Studio Express Trail software after I have ordered it?
A: Once you have ordered your My Digital Studio Express Trial, click Digital Download on the demonstrator website. You can then download the program from the New Purchases section.

If you have any questions, please contact me.
One of my favorite features of MDS is that it allows me to adhere to the ago old "measure twice, cut once".  I like to create my cards here first to see if I really like it and this way I don't waste (or put in the use later pile) my paper.  I can design, change, embellish, etc first until I get a design I really like...then I put it to paper.
I hope you will take advantage of this FREE offer and have some have nothing to loose!!
Happy Stampin~

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